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Job Classes

Use the VT Job Classes page to add, edit, and delete job classes.

  1. On the start page, select Human Resources.

  2. Select Reference Tables, then from the Payroll menu, select Job Classes.

  3. Enter the search criteria to find the required job class records, then select Search.

  4. To add a record, select Add new. Refer to Field Descriptions, enter valid information in the required fields, and select Accept.

  5. To edit a record, select the record, and select Accept. Update the information and select Accept.

  6. To delete, select Delete, then Yes.

Field Descriptions

General Tab

The following table describes the Vermont-specific fields on the General tab of the Job Class page.

For information about other fields in the Job Classes reference table, refer to Job Class Table.



Referencing Report

Exclude from New Hire 60 Day Rule

According to the 60-day rule, employees are considered new hires if they were not previously employed or previously employed but separated from such prior employment for at least 60 consecutive days. They are considered rehires if previously employed but separated from prior employment for less than 60 consecutive days.

After running the New Hire report for the first time, the system reports only new employees and employees returning to work after a 60-day separation.

To exclude employees in a specific job class from being reported as new hires after the 60-day rule, select Exclude from New Hire 60 Day Rule for the job class.

If you assign a common job class to teachers or other seasonal staff, use the Exclude from New Hire 60 Day Rule option to prevent them from appearing on the New Hire report when returning from a summer break (longer than 60 days) without pay.

The value in this field overrides the value in the No 60 Day Rule field on the Payroll Information - State Required page.

New Hire Report

Certification Required

Indicates if a certification is required for employees assigned to a job class. If this option is selected, employees without active certification are identified as Missing Certification.

ALiS Certification Import

Qualifying Additional Duty

For Class Codes beginning with 7, 8, or 9, select this option to load the VSTRS contract salary from the check history for pay rates assigned to the selected job class.

VSTRS DB Retirement Report

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