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Use the PEIMS Profile page to store up-to-date information about your district. 

Menu Path

Choose PEIMS from the main navigation menu, then choose All. Click Profile.

Update the PEIMS Profile

  1. In the PEIMS Defaults section, refer to Field Descriptions and enter valid information. 

  2. In the Programs of Study and Gifted/Talented sections:

    1. Choose the relevant Program

    2. To add a record, click Insert Row

    3. To delete a record, select the record and click Delete Row

  3. Click Accept.

Field Descriptions




Name of the PEIMS client.


Name of the PEIMS system.


Name of the PEIMS company.

District ID

Six-digit code identifying the district.

District Description

Description or name of the district.

Total Number School Board Requests

The total number of school board requests.

Total Cost School Board Requests

The total cost of school board requests.

Family Engagement Link

Internet webpage link to the Family Engagement Plan.

Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery


  • 00 - None offered

  • 01 - ASVAB offered

  • 02 - Alternate career exploration test offered

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