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MEIS REP (Registry of Educational Personnel)

Since 1961, the State of Michigan has been collecting information on education personnel in the State of Michigan. Beginning with the 2001-02 school year, the Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) collected this information using the Registry of Educational Personnel (REP) system.

The ability of the Michigan Department of Education to comply with federal and state reporting requirements depends on the timely submission of data by school districts. State funding is dependent on meeting deadlines for federal reporting.

Menu Path

Choose Human Resources from the main navigation menu, then choose State. Click MEIS REP (Registry of Educational Personnel).

Submission Period

Two submissions:

  • September 1 through December 1

  • April 1 through June 30

Selection Rule

All the employees along with Substitutes, Student Teachers, and Non-Instructional Staff with an assignment record.


Before creating the MEIS REP report, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

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