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Account Crosswalk

Accounting Or Function Codes

Before loading the data, the site needs to determine the best way to assign the accounting or function codes reported to REP as part of the employees' assignment data (field 10). For each employee, there are two options for assigning this field:

  • Enter the accounting or function code for the employee's assignment in the Account Code field on the Assignments page. If the Account Code field is blank for each employee's assignment, the accounting or function code is assigned using the employee's primary distribution.

  • The accounting or function code can be assigned based on a level of the organization chart, which corresponds to the distribution of the employee's primary pay rate. If the employee's primary pay rate has more than one distribution, the record with the highest percentage is selected. The accounting or function code is either the organization's first three or last three characters, depending on the Accounting/Function Justification field on the Human Resources Profile – State page. Enter the level of the organization chart to use for this function when loading the data.

When using the previously mentioned methods, if there is no exact match between the account codes for employees and the official list of REP accounting or function codes, you must set up a crosswalk table to link the district's codes with the accounting or function codes required by the state.

Set Up The Account Crosswalk

  1. On the MI MEIS REP (Registry of Educational Personnel) page, choose Account Crosswalk.

  2. Filter records by the filter criteria. To specify filter criteria, select an option from the list, then enter a keyword or select an option. Click Add.

  3. To add a record, click Add Record. Fill out the information, then click Save. Click Yes.

  4. To delete a record, click the ellipsis in the Actions column, then select Delete.

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