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TEA Staff Responsibilities

Use the TEA Staff Responsibilities page to add and update staff responsibilities for your district's employees. 

The fields on on the Defined Page 32001 - State Required II and Defined Page 32002 - State Required III pages are deprecated and moved to the TEA Staff Responsibilities tables.

Enter TEA Staff Responsibilities Information

  1. On the start page, select Human Resources.

  2. Select Entry & Processingthen from the Employee menu, select Employee Information.

  3. Enter the search criteria, then select SearchAlternatively, you can select Exclude Pending Employees, then select Search.

  4. Select the relevant employee record, then select Accept

  5. Select Actions, then TEA Staff Responsibilities

  6. Refer to Field Descriptions and enter valid information in the required fields. 

  7. Select Accept.

Field Descriptions




The code identifying the employee's campus.


The code identifying the type of students with whom the employee works.

Monthly Minutes

The total number of minutes the employee works in a month.

ESC SSA Staff Indicator

Single-digit ESC SSA (Shared Services Arrangement) staff indicator code. If a school district, leave it blank.

Begin Date

The date the employee started the assignment.

End Date

The date the employee completed the assignment.

Days Taught Weeks 1 through 4

For each week's field, enter the number of days taught between 0 and 5.

Minutes Taught Weeks 1 through 4

For each week's field, enter the number of minutes worked.


The code identifying the employee's role.

Class Type

Valid values:

  • 01 - Regular

  • 02 - Non-Regular

No Student

The number of students in the employee's class.

Service ID

The code identifying the employee's PEIMS Service.

Class ID

Identification for the employee's class.

Grade Level

The grade level taught by the employee.

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