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Maintain Termination ED90 Records

Use the TX TEAM Report - Termination (ED90) page to create records for employee terminations that were not created during the TEAM load process.

When an employee is terminated during a report month, an ED90 must be created for them. Once an ED90 is created and submitted, that employee's position is ignored when TEAM records are loaded in the future.

For changes needed on ED90s for the current month, make the necessary corrections on the ED90 and then select Resubmit to flag it for resubmission. 

Menu Path

From the Human Resources menu, select State. From the State menu, select TX TEAM Report. From the TEAM Record Maintenance menu, select Maintain Termination ED90 Records.

Maintain Data

  1. On the TX Team Report - Termination (ED90) page, specify Search Criteria and click Search.

  2. To add a record, click Add new. Refer to Field Descriptions, fill out the information and click Accept.

  3. To edit, double-click the record. Update the information and click Accept

  4. To delete a record, select the record and click Delete.

Field Descriptions



Report Month

Select the report month.

This field cannot be updated.

Report Year

Select the report year.

This field cannot be updated.

Employee Number

Code identifying the employee to report.

Click Lookup to display the Employee Lookup page and select a valid employee number.

This field cannot be updated.


Select if this record is a resubmission.

Records flagged as a resubmission can be created and submitted separately. Refer to Create TEAM Reports for more information.

Submitted to TRS

Select if this record has been submitted to the Teachers' Retirement System (TRS).

Member Tab

Employee Data Section

All the fields in this section are display-only. You can update these fields on the Demographic (ED20/ED25) page.



Identification Code

Type of identification to be used for the report.

Social Security/TRS ID

The TRS member ID number.

Last Name

The employee's last name.

First Name

The employee's first name.

Middle Name

The employee's middle name.


Suffix, if any, on the employee's name.

Birth Date

The employee's date of birth.


The employee's gender.

Termination Data Section



Last Day Worked

Date of the employee's last workday.

The format is MM/DD/YYYY.

Termination Code

Reason for termination.


  • Death

  • End of Employment

Final Payroll Date

Employee's termination date.

This is the ending date of their final payroll.

The format is MM/DD/YYYY.

TRS Compensation

Annualized, eligible TRS compensation.


Only required for TRS members whose termination is due to death.

Clear Resubmit Records

Use the Clear Resubmit Records option to remove the Resubmit flag from records for the selected month and year.

  1. On the TX Team Report - Termination (ED90) page, click Clear Resubmit Records.

  2. Select the Report Month and Report Year.

  3. Click Accept, then click Yes.

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