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TX TEAM Report

Use the Texas TEAM (TRS Enterprise Applications Modernization) report to set up, maintain, and submit TEAM reports according to Texas state guidelines. All employees, TRS eligible or not, are reported. Days worked and scheduled hours are calculated, if possible, during the load process. Actual hours and days worked for those employees where hours are tracked will be entered using the Actual Hours Upload option. Only amounts paid during that month are reported.

Menu Path

From the Human Resources menu, select State. From the State menu, select TX TEAM Report.

Menu Sections

The TX TEAM Report page has three sections to complete from left to right to create and submit TEAM reports.



TEAM Setup and Crosswalks

Use this section for TEAM report setup and crosswalk maintenance.

Complete this section before running the TEAM Load process for the first time. After initial setup, these options require updates only when changes are made within your system or the Teacher Retirement System (TRS).

TEAM Record Maintenance

Use this section to load and update TEAM employee records for demographics, positions, termination, payroll, retirement, and hours worked.

TEAM Reports

Use this section to create the TEAM report after completing the previous sections.

After generating and submitting the TEAM report, create charging records to charge the distributions.

Information changed on the TRS website must also be updated in the application so that records are accurate.

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