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Create TEAM Reports

Use the Texas Team Report page to create Texas TEAM reports.

The following submission files are created:

  • Demographic Records - ED20/ED25, ED40/ED45, and ED90

  • Regular Payroll Records - RP20/RP25

  • Employment for Retiree - ER20/ER25/ER27

You can create the files individually or simultaneously.

Menu Path

From the Human Resources menu, select State. From the State menu, select TX TEAM Report. From the TEAM Reports menu, select Create TEAM Reports.


Records that have already been submitted for the current report month that needed corrections should have the Resubmit option selected on the following pages:

The Texas TEAM Report page allows only Resubmit records to be selected and submitted to the Teacher's Retirement System (TRS). Once resubmitted, perform the Clear Resubmit Records procedure on each page as required.

Create File

  1. On the Texas TEAM Report page, create a hard copy of the report to verify data before you create the electronic file:

    1. Select Hard Copy.

    2. Select the required Report Options.

    3. Select the Report Month and Report Year.

    4. Select Include Phone Numbers if required.

    5. In the Resubmits Only field, select:

      • Original Records to submit records without the Resubmit option selected.

      • Resubmit Records to submit records with the Resubmit option selected.

    6. Select Submitted to TRS to submit records with the Submitted to TRS option selected.

    7. Click Accept

    8. Select the Destination for the report:

      • Select File to save the report in .rpt format. In the File Name field, specify a path and file name.

      • Select Screen to save the report in .pdf format.

      • Select Excel to save the report in .xls format. Select the required Excel Options.

    9. Click Yes to include the entire Social Security number (without masking).  

  2. Save the files and navigate to the folder containing the report files. 

  3. Inspect the files, and update the data if needed.

  4. Repeat these steps until all the data is included.

  5. Create the electronic file.

    1. Select Electronic File.

    2. Click Accept

    3. Select File to save the report in .txt format. In the File Name field, specify a path and file name.

  6. Save the file and click OK.

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