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eSERS Enrollment Report

The New Ohio School Employment Retirement System (eSERS) requires reporting of new member enrollment. This eSERS Enrollment Report will prepare the electronic file for submission to the eSERS new member enrollment and a printed copy for user reference. You can load data into a maintenance file for review, update, and adjustment. To be accurate, you must set up several configurations for eSERS new member enrollment.

The following section reviews the requirements for these procedures. Only one set of data for a particular pay date is allowed in the work file at one time. If data for a specific pay date must be loaded again, you must use the Purge option to remove the existing data and then run the Load process to put the new data in the work file.

All of the functions of the eSERS Enrollment Report application are accessible. From this main page, you can load information into the maintenance table, purge information from the maintenance table, view or edit the information in the maintenance table, add new information to the maintenance table, delete information one record at a time from the work table, and create hard copy and electronic file reports.

Menu Path

From the Human Resources menu, select State. From the State - OH menu, select eSERS Enrollment Report.

Selection Rule

Employees matching all the following criteria are selected and reported:

  • The employee must have a primary payrate with a job class which is assigned a SERS Job Class on the Job Class page.

  • The employee must have received a paycheck on the Pay Date selected on the OH eSERS Enrollment Report - Load page.

  • The employee must have an eSERS Employee Deduction with a Start Date between the start and end dates of the pay period as defined on the Pay Schedule page with the matching pay frequency.


  • Enter valid information in the following fields on the Human Resources Profile - State page: 

    • Local Income Tax Withholding Account

    • Federal EIN

    • State Employer Account Number

    • Blocking Factor

    • SERS County Code

    • SERS District Code

    • SERS Employee Rate

    • SERS Employer Rate

    • SERS Employer ID

    • Employer STRS Number

    • STRS Employee Rate

    • STRS Employer Rate

    • STRS State Minimum Salary

  • Enter the Start Date on the Employee Deductions page.

  • Set up pay periods.

  • Set up e-mail domains.


E-Mail Domains

Use the OH eSERS Enrollment Report - Setup - Work Email Domains page to store domains of employer-assigned email addresses that must be excluded when loading personal email addresses. For example,

  1. Select Setup, then E-Mail Domains.

    • To add a record, click Add Record. Enter a valid Email Domain. Select Save, then Yes.

    • To delete a record, select the ellipsis in the Actions column, select Delete, then select Yes.

Load an Enrollment Report

  1. Click Load.

  2. In the Load Criteria section, enter the Pay Date. To override the contribution cycle code with OTH, select Override Contribution.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Click Yes to overwrite the existing information for that date.

Add an Enrollment Report

  1. Click Add New.

  2. In the New Hire Data section, complete the fields as needed. For more information, refer to Field Descriptions.

  3. Click OK.

Update an existing Enrollment Report

  1. In the Search Criteria section, enter criteria identifying the records to list, and then click Find.

  2. In the List section, select the desired record, and then click OK.

  3. In the New Hire Data section, update the fields.

  4. Click OK.

Delete an Enrollment Report

  1. In the Search Criteria section, enter criteria identifying the records to list, and then click Find.

  2. In the List section, select the desired record, and then click Delete.

  3. Click Yes to delete the record.

Purge Enrollment Reports

  1. Click Purge.

  2. Enter the Pay Date for the records you wish to purge, and then click OK.

  3. Click Yes to purge the record.

Generate a Report

  1. Click Report.

  2. Select the Pay Date.

  3. Select the File Type and File Format.

  4. Click Create.

  5. In the Print window, specify how you want to generate the report, and then click OK. The report's default file name is ohsersmemberenrollrpt.rpt for the hard copy and 77300ENROLL.txt for the electronic copy.

Field Descriptions

New Hire Data Section



Pay Date

First pay date for the new hire.

Begin Date

Date for the new hire's first day of the pay cycle.

End Date

Date for the new hire's last day of the pay cycle.

Employee Number

A unique number identifying the employee as defined in the EIC.

Social Security Number

The employee's Social Security number.

Last Name

The employee's last name.


First Name

The employee's first name.


Middle Name

The employee's middle name.



The prefix for the employee's name.


  • Ms.

  • Mr.

  • Mrs.

  • Dr.

  • Miss

  • Sister

  • Honorable

  • Council Person

Date of Birth

The employee's date of birth.



The employee's gender.


The suffix for the employee's name.


  • JR.

  • SR.

  • I

  • II

  • III

  • IV

  • V

  • MD

  • CPA

  • ESQ

Job Class

The employee’s job class.


  • 01 - Administrative

  • 02 - Clerical/Secretarial

  • 03 - Custodial/Maintenance

  • 04 - Educational Aide

  • 05 - Food Service

  • 06 - Transportation

  • 07 - School Board Member

  • 08 - Supplemental

  • 09 - Other

Marital Status

The employee's marital status.


  • SIN - Single

  • MAR - Married

  • SEP - Separated

  • DIV - Divorced

  • WID - Widowed


Indicates whether to check if the employee is assigned an Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP).

Street Address 1-2

The employee's street address. The second field is for extensions or specifications, such as apartment numbers.



The suite or apartment number associated with the employee's complete address.


The city where the employee resides.



The state where the employee resides. Select the appropriate state from the drop-down of abbreviations.

Zip Code

The zip code of the employee's residence.


Start Date

The date that the employee started working.

Phone Number

The employee's phone number.



The employee's email address.


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