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Load From Accounts Payable

You can load substitutes, student teachers, and non-instructional staff data from Accounts Payable.

  1. Choose Substitutes, Student Teachers and Non-Instructional.

  2. Choose Load from Accounts Payable

  3. Refer to Field Descriptions and enter valid information.

  4. Click Load, then Yes

  5. Save the file, then click OK.

  6. Navigate to the folder containing the summary report file.

  7. Inspect the file and update data if needed.

  8. To load all data, repeat these steps.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Submission Date

Enter the official REP submission date (Date of Count) for the reporting period as assigned by CEPI.

Hire Date

Enter the latest hire date for employees who should be reported. Any employee hired on or before the hire date entered is included.

Termination Date

Enter the cutoff termination date for terminated employees. Terminated employees are omitted unless their termination date is after the specified date.

Purge Records With This Submission Date

Use this option to purge all records that match the submission date from the loaded REP maintenance file before the data is selected and loaded.

Load Process

The system checks to see if substitute records with employee numbers exist for the submission date. If Purge Records With This Submission Date is selected, the system searches for records in Human Resources with that submission date. If not selected, the system looks for substitute records with that submission date and an employee number matching the Employee Criteria. This allows the loading of specific departments without deleting the previously loaded substitute records for other departments.

If any records are found, you can delete them or abort the load process.

If Purge Records With This Submission Date is selected, and you click Yes to continue, the system deletes all MEIS REP substitute records (database table mi_repsubs) with that submission date that have an employee number. If this option is not selected, the system only deletes the substitute records with a submission date and an employee number that match the Employee Criteria.

The Load from Accounts Payable option loads the information from each Employee Defined Page 500 – MEIS REP page that contains Y in the Report to MEIS REP field. 

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