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Position Defaults Crosswalk

Use the TX Team Report - Position Defaults Crosswalk page to define hours, FTEs, and employee types for TRS position codes set up on the Position/Budget Code Crosswalk page. The position default is determined by combining the TRS position code with a job class, pay code, or both. 

Each job class, pay code, and type combination can only have one record. Therefore, you cannot create duplicate records.

Menu Path

From the Human Resources menu, select State. From the State menu, select TX TEAM Report. From the TEAM Setup and Crosswalks menu, select Position Defaults Crosswalk.

Maintain Data

  1. On the TX Team Report - Position Defaults Crosswalk page, specify Search Criteria and click Search.

  2. To add a record, click Add new. Refer to Field Descriptions, fill out the information and click Accept.

  3. To edit, double-click the record. Update the information and click Accept

  4. To delete a record, select the record and click Delete.

Field Descriptions



TRS Position Code

The position code defined by TRS.

Valid values:

  • 01 - Professional/Administrative

  • 02 - Teacher or Full-time Librarian

  • 03 - Support Staff

  • 04 - Bus Driver

  • 05 - Full-time Nurse/Counselor

  • 06 - Peace Officer

  • 07 - Support Staff-Food Service Worker

  • 09 - Summer School Pay

Job Class

The job class associated with this crosswalk record.

Pay Code

The pay code associated with this crosswalk record.

Select Type

The type of crosswalk record.

Valid values:

  • Job Class

  • Pay Code

  • Both

FTE Hours

The number of required hours per week to qualify as full-time employment.


Scheduled Hours

The number of hours scheduled for each week.


The FTE Hours value is used if this field is blank.

Employee Type

The type of employment for the position.

Valid values:

  • S - Substitute

  • P - Less than half-time

  • F - Half-time or more

  • M - Temporary

  • E - Surge personnel exception

  • B - Non-profit tutor substitute

  • N - Non-profit tutor half-time or less

  • T - Non-profit tutor full-time

Nonstandard Work Week

Indicates whether the employees in this position follow a nonstandard workweek.

Otherwise, leave the field blank.

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