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Human Resources Profile - State

Before generating reports, enter valid information on the Human Resources Profile - State page.

  1. On the start page, select System Administration.

  2. Select Administration, and then from Profiles, select Human Resources Profile.

  3. Select the Federal/State Reporting tab.

  4. Enter the Fiscal Year. For example, if the fiscal year is 2020-2021, enter 21.

  5. Select Accept.

  6. Select State Window.

  7. Refer to Field Descriptions and enter valid information.

  8. Select Accept.

Field Descriptions



Data Type / Length

DPS Number

Number identifying your district's Texas Department of Public Safety account.


HRM/APP Tracking Data

Location from which data for criminal history reports is retrieved.

Valid values:

  • APP - Applicant Tracking

  • HRM - Human Resources

Not Applicable

Roll Non-cleared Employees

Select to allow applicant tracking to roll over employees without a cleared criminal history.

Not Applicable

Accrual Account

Code identifying the account for accruals set up in the Account List table.


Medical Insurance User Defined Table Code

Code identifying the user-defined table for medical insurance.

Not Applicable

TEA District Code

Six-digit code identifying the TEA district for the Unique ID report.

Not Applicable

Load Date

Displays the last load date for TRAQS. Reserved for PEI use only.

The format is MM/YYYY.

Not Applicable

Payroll Liabilities Charge

Select where to charge batch liabilities.

Valid values:

  • Payroll Cash

  • Cash

Not Applicable

Public or Private School

Select if the school is private.

Leave the field blank for public schools.

Not Applicable

Check Stock Type

Type of check stock.

This field is only available for certain districts.

Valid values:

  • N - Side By Side

  • S - Standard

Not Applicable

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