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Budget Information

Use the PEIMS Budget Information page to load, create, and update PEIMS budget information. You can also generate reports. You may also assign actual amounts to PEIMS accounts for the fall submission using the PEIMS Budget Amount field.

Menu Path

Choose PEIMS from the main navigation menu, then choose All. Click Budget Information.

Maintain Data

  1. On the PEIMS Budget Information page, specify Search Criteria and click Search.

  2. To add a record, click Add new. Refer to Field Descriptions, fill out the information and click Accept.

    • To edit, double-click the record. Update the information and click Accept

    • To delete a record, select the record and click Delete. Click Yes.

Field Descriptions




The code identifying the PEIMS fund.


PEIMS Function

The code identifying the PEIMS function.


PEIMS Object

The code identifying the PEIMS object.


PEIMS Organization

The code identifying the PEIMS organization.


PEIMS Program

The code identifying the PEIMS program.



The code identifying the PEIMS year.


PEIMS Budget Amount

The budget amount for the PEIMS account.


Load Data

Loading PEIMS budget information deletes all existing records.

  1. Choose Load.

  2. Select the Year and enter the Fund Balance Object Codes

  3. In the Funds section, enter PEIMS funds to be extracted during the budget load process.

  4. Click Accept, then Yes.

  5. Select the Destination for the report:

    • Select File to save the report in .rpt format. In the File Name field, specify a path and file name.

    • Select Screen to save the report in .pdf format.

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