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Receipt Table

The coding requirements for receipts are Fund/SCC and Receipt Code. Additional information about the receipt codes can be found in the USAS manual. If an operational unit is reported on the Receipt Record, the OPU code that is reported must also be reported in the Operational Unit Description Record. If an OPU is reported and the receipt is district-wide in nature, then the OPU reported for the receipt must be "000". This table is populated by the EMIS Financial Load. For details on the Operational Units, refer to Operational Unit Table.

For details on the Receipt Codes required, refer to the Ohio EMIS documentation.

Menu Path: EMIS > All > EMIS Financial Table > Receipt Table


Displays the Report page. From here, specifications can be made for the generated report.

For the standard procedures, refer to EMIS Financial Tables Summary.

Generating a report

  1. Select EMIS > All > EMIS Financial Table > Receipt Table to display the EMIS Receipt Table page.

  2. Click Report on the Action Bar to display the EMIS Receipt Table Report page.

  3. In the Selection Criteria section, select the Reporting Period and Fiscal Year from the appropriate drop-downs.

  4. Click OK.

  5. In the Print window, specify how you want to generate the report, and then click OK. The report's default file name is ohefin_receipt.rpt.


For the standard fields, refer to EMIS Financial Tables Summary.



Schedule Sequence

State-specified constant AAP.

Schedule Frequency

State-specified constant 001.

Line Number

State-specified constant 1.

Schedule Number

State-specified constant RCT.


Three digit code assigned by the State Auditor's Office to assure money is spent for the purposes specified.

Special Cost Center

Four digit code that tracks costs for temporary or specific needs in defining funds. This code is required by state and federal mandates to subdivide funds.


Revenue ledger account.


Six digit code that identifies specific educational costs. The major subject areas (math, science, etc.) will be used for grades 9-12. Two digits are required for all major subject areas as well as elementary physical education, art, and music.


The operational unit (OPU) is indicated by a three digit code that identifies the permanent operational entity.

  • Examples include buildings or logical physical units.

  • If expenditure is not limited to a specific number of buildings, then no OPU is required and the district-wide/undistributed OPU will be assumed.

Fiscal Year Estimated Revenue

Forecast of expendable revenue to be received during the fiscal year.

Fiscal Year Actual Receipt

Actual funds received during the fiscal year.

Fiscal Year Actual Receivables

Funds due to the district, but not yet received.

General Fund Debt-Bond Retirement

If the fund is '002', the checkbox should be selected.

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