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New Hire Report

Use the New Hire report to report newly hired and rehired employees to the Ohio New Hire Reporting Center. You must submit the report within 20 days of the employee's first working day. 

Employees are considered new hires if not previously employed in your organization. Employees separated for 60 days or more are classified as rehires. The system reports new employees and those returning after a 60-day separation.

Independent contractors are also reported.

New hire reporting helps state agencies recover overpayments and detect and prevent fraud.

Menu Path

From the Human Resources menu, select State. From the State-OH menu, select New Hire Report.

Submission Period

The report is processed twice monthly, between 12 and 16 days apart.  

Selection Rule

  • On the Payroll Information - State Required page, the value in the New Hire Rpt field is N, or the field is blank.

  • Independent contractors with signed contracts will be reported if on the Defined Page 10 - Ohio Independent Contractor page:

    • The value in the Contract Flag field is Y, the Start Date field is populated, and the value in the Report Date field is N, or the field is blank.

    • The value in the Contract Flag field is Y, the Start Date field is populated, and the value in the Report Date field is less than the contract's Start Date.

  • Independent contractors without signed contracts will not be reported if the date in the Report Date field is less than one year earlier than the Hire Date entered on the Ohio New Hire Report page.



Set up the following before creating the New Hire report.


When setting up an employer record for the first time, the default data for the current tax year record from the W-2 employer data is retrieved. If the W-2 employer data requires updates, you can update the data as needed. This data is not synchronized with the W-2 employer data. You should update the source W-2 employer data before performing this procedure.

  1. On the OH New Hire Report page, select Setup, then Employer.

  2. Refer to Field Descriptions and enter valid information.

  3. Select Save, then Yes.

    Before saving, you can revert the changes by selecting Reset

Field Descriptions

The following table describes the fields on the OH New Hire Report - Setup - Employer page.




The name of the school or district.

The limit is 30 characters.

Street Address 1

The first line of the employer's address.

The limit is 30 characters.

Street Address 2

The second line of the employer's address.

This is used for the apartment, unit, or suite numbers.

The limit is 30 characters.


The city where the school or district is located.

The limit is 15 characters.


The two-character code identifying the State where the district is located.


The five-digit zip code of the district's location.

Zip Ext

The four-digit zip code extension.

Employer Contact Number

The employer's ten-digit phone number. 

Employer Phone Ext

The employer's phone number extension. 

Employer Contact

The name of the employer contact.

The limit is 20 characters.

Federal Identification Number (EIN)

The nine-digit federally-assigned code identifying the district employer.

Create File

After the prerequisites are met, you can create the New Hire report.

  1. On the OH New Hire Report page, it is mandatory to create a hard copy of the report before you create the electronic file:

    1. Select the Hire Date. You can also enter the Hire Date without the slashes (/). The system adds the slashes. For example, you can enter 3/3/2023 as 332023.

    2. Enter the File Name Prefix.

    3. For the File Type, select Hard Copy.

    4. For the File Format, select PDF or Excel.

    5. If you have the required access privileges to view the entire Social Security Number (without masking) and you want to include the entire Social Security Number, select Print Full Social Security Number
      The required access privileges are granted by assigning the appropriate security resource.

    6. Select Create, then Yes.

  2. To proceed, perform the following steps to avoid erroneous updates to new hire records:

    1. If errors are found, save the error log and load summary report files, and select OK. If no errors are found, proceed to Step 3.

    2. Navigate to the containing folder. Review the files. Correct the errors and update data if needed.

    3. Repeat Steps a and b until no errors are found.

    4. Save the New Hire and load summary report files, and select OK.

    5. Navigate to the containing folder. Review the files. Update data if needed.

    6. Repeat Steps d and e until all the data is accurate.

  3. Create the electronic file:

    1. On the OH New Hire Report page, enter the information as you did in Step 1.

    2. For the Report Type, select Electronic File.

    3. Select Create, then Yes.

    4. If you have verified the hard copy report, select Yes.
      Do not select Yes unless you have performed Step 2.

    5. Save the file and select OK.
      The default file name is <File Name Prefix><MMDD>.txt
      MMDD represents the report creation date.

Follow the state's submission procedures.

After creating the electronic file, the New Hire Rpt field on the Payroll Information - State Required page is updated to Y. The Report Date field on the Defined Page 10 - Ohio Independent Contractor page is updated with the date when the report was created.

This ensures that new hires are not reported again.

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