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Cash Table

Use the EMIS Cash Table page to add and update a school or district's cash balances for a specified fiscal year.

The EMIS Financial Load populates predetermined information in this table. Data stored in this table is provided for each Fund/Special Cost Center. Combinations of the Cash Receipts Fund and Special Cost Center must be unique for each Cash Record.

Maintain data

  1. On the start page, select EMIS.

  2. From the EMIS Financial Tables menu, select Cash Table.

  3. Filter records using the filter criteria. To enter filter criteria:

    1. Select an option in the first field.

    2. Select or enter a value.

    3. Select Add if the button is enabled.
      Refer to Searching for Records for more information.

      • To add a record, select Add Record. Refer to the Field Descriptions and enter valid information in the required fields. Select Save, then Yes.

      • To edit a record, select the ellipsis in the Actions column and then select Edit. Update the information and select Save.

      • To delete a record, select the ellipsis in the Actions column, select Delete, and then select Yes.

      • To download the information, select Download, then select Download PDF or Download as an Excel Document.

Field descriptions

The following table describes the fields on the EMIS Cash Table form.



Record Number

The system-generated record number unique for the financial record type, reporting period, and fiscal year.

This field cannot be edited.

Record Status

The status of the record.

This field cannot be edited.

Sort Type

The sort type for the record.

The valid value is QC.

This field cannot be edited.

Fiscal Year

The EMIS fiscal year.

The value is retrieved from the Forecast Fiscal Year field on the EMIS Profile page.

This field cannot be edited.

Reporting Period

The period of the fiscal year to report on.

The value is retrieved from the Financial Reporting Period field on the EMIS Profile page.

This field cannot be edited.

District IRN

The six-digit state-assigned Information Retrieval Number (IRN).

The value is retrieved from the District IRN field on the EMIS Profile page.

This field cannot be edited.

Schedule Sequence

The state-specified schedule sequence.

The valid value is AAE.

This field cannot be edited.

Schedule Frequency

The state-specified schedule frequency.

The valid value is 001.

This field cannot be edited.

Line Number

The state-specified line number.

The valid value is 1.

This field cannot be edited.

Schedule Number

The state-specified schedule number.

The valid value is CSH.

This field cannot be edited.


A three-digit code assigned by the State Auditor's Office to ensure money is spent for specified purposes.

For more information on each code's corresponding program, refer to the current EMIS manual.

Special Cost Center

The four-digit code that tracks costs for temporary or specific needs when defining funds.

This code is required by state and federal mandates to subdivide funds.

Account Description

The description of the account structure as maintained by the State Auditor.

This is not submitted to ODE.

Fund Class

The fund class.

Valid values:

  • G - General Fund

  • S - Special Revenue

  • C - Capital Project

  • D - Debt Service

  • A - Custodial Funds

  • E - Enterprise

  • I - Internal Service

  • P - Permanent

  • R - Private Purpose Trust

  • V - Investment Trust

  • W - Pension Trust

July 1 Cash Balance

The available cash at the beginning of the fiscal year, which is July 1st.

Fiscal Year Receipts

The receipts for the fiscal year.

Fiscal Year Expenditures

The funds spent during the fiscal year for goods and services.

Current Cash Encumbered

The funds or cash encumbered for orders in process.

Current Fund Balance

The balance of a particular fund at a given time.

Current Payables

The invoices for goods/services received and not yet paid.

This field is only displayed if the Fiscal Year is 2023 or earlier.

Create file

  1. On the EMIS Cash Table page, select Report.

  2. Select the Reporting Period and Year.

  3. Select PDF or Excel.

  4. Select Create, and then Yes.

  5. Save the file and select OK.

The default file names are:

  • PDF:
    EMIS Cash Table Report_<MMDDYYYY>_<hhmmss>.pdf

  • Excel:
    EMIS Cash Table Report_<MMDDYYYY>_<hhmmss>.csv

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