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Setup - Annual Financial Report - Data Crosswalk - Function

Set up crosswalks for local district functions that do not precisely match those used by the ISBE in the IL Budget Form.

This setup is the same as the following reports:

If you completed the setup for any of these reports, it does not need to be done for the year you are processing.

  1. On the IL Annual Financial Report page, select Setup, and then Data Crosswalk.

  2. In the Crosswalk Type field, select Function.

  3. Select the Year.

  4. Filter records using the filter criteria. To enter filter criteria:

    1. Select an option in the first field.

    2. Select or enter a value.

    3. Select Add if the button is enabled.
      Refer to Searching for Records for more information.

      • To add a record, select Add Record. Refer to the Field descriptions and enter valid information in the required fields. Select Save, then Yes.

      • To edit a record, select the record and select Accept. Update the information and select Accept.

      • To delete, select Delete, then Yes.

Field descriptions

The following table describes the fields on the IL Annual Financial Report - Setup - Data Crosswalk - Function page.




The fiscal year of the function data crosswalk.

District Type

The district type.

Valid values:

  • S - School District

  • J - Joint Agreement

You must create separate crosswalks if your accounting system is used for school districts and joint agreements.

Original Function

The local district function.

State Function

The state function defined by ISBE and used in the IL Budget Form.

You can map multiple local district functions to the same state function.

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