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Mass Copy

Use the Mass Copy option to copy the EIS information from one school year to another school year.

You can select any or all reference tables to copy from one school year to the next. If you choose to copy employee positions, you can also enter optional criteria to only copy positions for a limited subset of your employees.

  1. On the IL Employment Information System page, click Setup, and choose Mass Copy

  2. Select the required Process Options and Employee Position Criteria

  3. Click OK.


If Use Pay Rates is selected, the system will use the position crosswalk to find a matching pay rate screen for each position record being copied. If the employee only has one position, it will use the primary pay rate. If a matching position is found, it will use the contract start date from the employee's pay rate screen as the position start date, and the contract end date as the position end date, and the FTE as the position FTE (prorated by calendar days in the case of pay method P or R).

If Use Pay Rates is not selected, or if no matching pay rate screen is found, it will use the school year start and end dates or summer school start and end dates depending on the position time frame, and the position FTE will be copied from the prior year. If Use Pay Rates is selected, and the pay rate screens for employees selected for processing have contract start dates from the previous school year, a message is displayed.

If there are no position crosswalk records in either school year, a message is displayed when copying employee positions.

The default position start and end dates are used for any positions that cannot be linked to the employee's pay rate screens.

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