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User-Defined - Retirement Codes

Set up user-defined codes for Vermont state reporting.

The retirement codes are used in the Term/LV Event field on the Defined Page 32001 - Vermont State Retirement page.

The retirement codes are used to override the value selected in the Termination Code field on the Terminate Employee page.

Populate RE

You must populate the RE table with additional retirement codes if required.

  1. On the start page, select Human Resources.

  2. Select Reference Tablesthen from the Personnel menu, select User Defined Codes.

  3. Select Add new.

  4. Specify the Table Code as RE.

  5. In the Code field, enter a code from the Retirement Codes.

  6. In the Title field, enter the corresponding title.  

  7. Select Accept.

  8. Repeat these steps and create records for the remaining codes.

Retirement Codes




VSTRS Disability


Start Leave


VSTRS Partial Year


Return From Leave


Terminate Plan


Start Workers Comp

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