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Multi-Service Indicator

Use the PEIMS Multi-Service Indicator Table page to add, edit, and delete codes identifying the number of services an employee performs.

  1. On the start page, choose PEIMS, then Reference Tables

  2. Choose Multi-Service Indicator.

  3. Search for records using the following criteria:

    • PEIMS Multi-Service Indicator

    • Description

  4. Enter search criteria and click Search.

  5. To add a record, click Add new. Enter valid information in the required fields. Click Accept.

  6. To edit a record, double-click the record.

  7. To delete, click the record, select Delete, then click Yes.

  8. To print records, select Print, then select the Destination for the report:

    • Select File to save the report in .rpt format. In the File Name field, specify a path and file name.

    • Select Screen to save the report in .pdf format.

  9. Click OK.

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