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Job Classes

Use the Job Classes table to add, update, and delete Job Classes. The Job Class table allows you to group employees in similar positions with the same salary schedule, calendar, pay code, pay method, pay group, deduction and benefit codes, and leave codes.

  1. On the start page, select Human Resources.

  2. Select Reference Tables, then from the Payroll menu, select Job Classes.

  3. Enter the search criteria to find the required job class records, then select Search.

    • To add a record, select Add new. Refer to Field Descriptions, enter valid information in the required fields, and select Accept.

    • To edit a record, select the record and select Accept. Update the information and select Accept.

    • To delete, select the record, select Delete, then Yes.

Field Descriptions

The following table describes the Texas-specific fields on the Job Class page.

For information about other fields on the Job Class page, refer to the Job Class Table.




Indicates whether the job class is subject to accrual. If this option is not selected, the salary will continue to be expensed as it is paid.

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