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Fall Submission

Use the PEIMS Prepare Submission File - Fall Submission page to generate the fall submission for PEIMS in the appropriate format. Fall submissions are used to:

  • Calculate compensation entitlement

  • Monitor special programs

  • Report to the federal government

  • Calculate retention

  • Calculate basic profiles for AEIS

  • Perform desk audits

Menu Path

Choose PEIMS from the main navigation menu, then choose All. Click Fall Submission.

Generate Fall Submissions

  1. Choose one of the following formats:

    • Class Roster - Staff Extension

    • Education Extension

    • Staff Extension

    • SSA Extension

    • Finance Extension

  2. Click Accept.

  3. Verify that the current XML file format version is correct, then click Yes.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click OK.

The report's default file names include the year, month, and day followed by a system-generated sequential number:


Default File Name

Class Roster - Staff Extension


Education Extension


Staff Extension


SSA Extension


Finance Extension


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