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Create Charging Records

Use the TX Team Report - Create Charging Records page to create charging and distribution records for Statutory Minimum, Federal Fund, TRS Care, and Non-OASDI (Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance) employer contributions calculated during the TEAM Load process. 

This option uses the stored salary records with the contribution type flags to distribute the employer charges calculated during the TEAM Load process. Detailed distribution or account ledgers will not reflect any changes made in maintenance options to contributions after creating charges.

Menu Path

From the Human Resources menu, select State. From the State menu, select TX TEAM Report. From the TEAM Reports menu, select Create Charging Records.

Create File

  1. On the TX TEAM Report - Create Charging Records page, select a Create Option:

    • Charging Report Only - Generates the charging report. This report details the Statutory Minimum, Federal Fund, TRS Care, and Non-OASDI contributions for TEAM records. Refer to Charging Report Only for more information.

    • Create Charges - Creates the following:

      • Interface records that will update General Ledger with TEAM contributions.

      • Detailed distribution records to record Statutory Minimum, Federal Contribution, TRS Care, and Non-OASDI.

      • Fund accounting Interface files to charge the expenses by these benefits.
        This process can only be done once each report month. Refer to Create Charges for more information.

    • Charging Variance Report - Generates the variance report showing the difference between the actual charges and what was charged on the Regular Payroll records. This is the difference between the Regular Payroll records and what was created in the Detailed Distribution tables during the Create Charges process. Refer to Charging Variance Report for more information.

  2. Select the Report Month and Report Year.

  3. In the Show Selected Employees field, select the types of employees to include.
    Show Selected Employees is enabled when Charging Report Only is selected.

  4. Enter the Child Nutrition Budget Unit. Click Lookup to display the Organization Search page and look up a valid Budget Unit. Leave blank to distribute child nutrition across child nutrition employee salaries.
    Child Nutrition Budget Unit is enabled when Charging Report Only or Create Charges is selected.

  5. Click Accept

  6. Click Yes to include the entire Social Security number (without masking). 

  7. Select the Destination for the report:

    • Select File to save the report in .rpt format. In the File Name field, specify a path and file name.

    • Select Screen to save the report in .pdf format.

    • Select Excel to save the report in .xls format. Select the required Excel Options.

  8. Save the files and navigate to the folder containing the report files. 

  9. Inspect the files, and update the data if needed.

  10. Repeat these steps until all the data is included.


Charging Report Only

  • Generate the charging report.

  • Compare the following values in the report to the values in the Regular Payroll report for that month:

    • Statutory Minimum

    • Federal Contribution

    • Federal TRS Care

    • Non-OASDI

  • There should only be differences if you make changes after loading the TEAM information.

  • The default file name for the charging report is team_charging.rpt.

Create Charges

  • Complete the process to create charges.

  • This will create batch liability sets in the Fund Accounting Periodic Routines Automated Payroll Interface. This is the same as Payroll Charging. It creates a CT3 interface file (Journal Entry in Fund Accounting) posted from Fund Accounting. The set control numbers are automatically labeled as Pmmddyy followed by O (Non-OASDI), S (Statutory Minimum), C (TRS Care), or F (Federal Contribution). For example, P010318F would be a set for Federal Contributions created for January 2018, where mmddyy is the last day of the reporting month. Refer to the Fund Accounting manual for more information on Journal Entries.

  • Review the Deduction Code Crosswalk codes for charges. Refer to Deduction Code Crosswalk for more information.

  • This process creates records in the Detailed Distribution table for the amounts being charged. The default Record type is F and the default Code is *SM (Statutory Minimum), *NS (Non-OASDI), or the code defined on the TX Team Report - Deduction Code Crosswalk page for TRS Care Deduction and Federal Fund Deduction.

Charging Variance Report

  • You can generate this report only if there are differences between the Charging Report and Detailed Distributions.

  • After employees with differences are located, update Fund Accounting charging with a Journal Entry to correct the discrepancy.

  • The default file name for the charging variance report is team_charging_var.rpt.

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