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Human Resources Profile – State

Before generating reports, ensure that you enter valid information on the Human Resources Profile - State page.

  1. On the start page, select System Administration.

  2. Select Administration, then from the Profiles menu, select Human Resources Profile.

  3. Select State Window.

  4. Refer to Field Descriptions and enter valid information in the required fields.

  5. Select Accept.

Field Descriptions



Referencing Reports

Database Field

Administrative Unit Number

The administrative unit number

PA PIMS Report

PA PIMS Safe Schools Report


For June Annual Report Use Days Worked or Contract Days

The type of days to be reported.

Valid values:

  • W - Report Days Worked

  • C - Report Contract Days

PA Retirement (PSERS)


Use Last Day Worked As Termination Date

Select this option to use the employee's last working day as their termination date.

PA Retirement (PSERS)


Maximum 401(a)(17) Salary

The maximum 401(a)(17) salary allowed.

PA Retirement (PSERS)


Full Zip Code Method

Select the error handling method if a nine-digit zip code is not specified.

Valid values:

  • A - Allow

  • W - Warning

  • E - Error

PA Retirement (PSERS)


Employee Location Type

The location type used to link to the employer PSD code.

Valid values:

  • B - Base Location

  • C - Check Location

  • P - Personnel Location

  • N - None

PA Local Tax Monthly/Quarterly Report


Credit Week Weekly Amount

The weekly amount an employee must earn to gain a credit week.

Post Employee Timesheet


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