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PA PIMS Safe School Reports

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires school districts to send data for Safe School Reporting. This reporting is for employees identified as Security Staff only.

Some of the features include:

  • Provides for uploading Security Staff data, including Development facts

  • Provides Electronic data reporting for Safe Schools submission

  • Uses State data format and requirements

Menu Path

Select Human Resources from the main navigation menu, then select State. Select PA PIMS Safe Schools Report.  

Selection Rule

Security staff are selected and reported.


Enter the Administrative Unit Number on the Human Resources Profile – State page.

Load Data

You must load CSV-formatted files containing the Staff, Assignment, and Development information required for the PA PIMS Safe Schools report.

  1. On the PA PIMS Safe School Reports page, select Load File.

  2. Enter the location of the individual CSV files in the Staff File, Assignment File, and Development Facts File fields.

  3. Select Accept.

  4. Select Yes to delete the existing records that were previously loaded. Otherwise, select No.

  5. Select the Destination for the error log:

    • Select File to save the log in .rpt format. 

    • Select Screen to save the log in .pdf format.

  6. Select OK.

  7. If errors are found, a message is displayed. Select Yes to save the valid records. Otherwise, select No.

Create File

  1. On the PA PIMS Safe School Reports page, select Create PIMS Template Files.

  2. Select the Report Date and Snapshot Date.

  3. Enter the School Year.

  4. Select Omit SSN to exclude Social Security numbers from the reports.

  5. Select Accept.

  6. Enter the Destination for each of the report files and select OK.

Follow the state's submission procedures.

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