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Personnel Information - Defined Page 32002 – State Required II

Before generating the reports, you must enter valid information on the State Required II page.

Enter Employee Information

  1. On the start page, select Human Resources

  2. Select Entry & Processingthen from the Employee menu, select Employee Information.  

  3. Enter the search criteria, then select SearchAlternatively, you can select Exclude Pending Employees and then select Search.

  4. Select the employee record, and then select Accept

  5. Select Personnel Information, and then select Defined Windows

  6. Select 32002, and then select Accept.

  7. Refer to Field Descriptions and enter valid information. 

  8. On the navigation bar, select Accept.

Field Descriptions



Gender Fluid

Indicates if the employee identifies as gender fluid. 

Enter X to override the Male/Female gender code.

Out of State

Indicates if the employee is a Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance (PFMLI) out-of-state worker.

Out-of-state workers are included in the total number of employees paid during the quarter to work exclusively outside Oregon.


  • Y

  • N


Indicates if the employee is a PFMLI replacement worker.

Replacement workers are included in the total number of temporary workers employed as replacements for employees on PFMLI leave during the reported quarter.


  • Y

  • N

Lang of Origin

The language first spoken within the employee's household.

The code is validated against the LO user-defined table and is included in the Consolidated Staff Collections report.

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