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Update EMIS Position Salary

Use the Update EMIS Position Salaries page to update the salary of EMIS position salaries for specified employees in unterminated EMIS Positions. Updates will be reflected in the Contracted Pay Amount/Rate field on the EMIS Position Information page. For details and procedures on EMIS positions, refer to EMIS Position Information.

Menu Path: EMIS > All > EMIS > Update EMIS Position Salaries

Updating an employee EMIS Position record

  1. Select EMIS > All > EMIS > Update EMIS Position Salaries to display the Update EMIS Position Salaries page.

  2. In the Report Criteria section, enter the desired Employee Number and EMIS Position, select the Position Type and Bargaining Unit, and then click OK.

  3. In the Print window, specify how you want to generate the report, and then click OK. The report's default file name is emisupdcalc.rpt.

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