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EMIS Employee Positions Report

Use the EMIS Employee Positions Report page to generate a report that lists employee EMIS positions depending on their determined criteria.

Menu Path: EMIS > All > EMIS > EMIS Employee Positions Report

Generating an Employee Position Report

  1. Select EMIS > All > EMIS > EMIS Employee Positions Report to display the EMIS Employee Positions Report page.

  2. In the Report Criteria section, enter criteria identifying the employee or employees you wish to include in the report. For multiple employees, use the pipe symbol in-between each entry (i.e. 0000000|1111111|2222222). Also, to include all viable employees in the report, leave the fields blank. To run an advanced search, use the Advanced button.

  3. After specifying which employee records to include, click OK.

  4. In the Print window, specify how you want to generate the report, and then click OK. The report's default file name is emisposn.rpt.




Employee Number

From employee record in EIC. Click Lookup to search for viable Employee Numbers.

EMIS Employee ID

From EIC Personnel Tab State staff ID.

A 2 letter, 7 number string: XX9999999. The district can use the staff member's credential ID, Z-ID, or a local value determined by the district as long as the same value is used for each staff member across all record types. A value of "999999999" is not acceptable.

Position Location

Code identifying the employee's position location.

EMIS Position

Unique code assigned to an employee's position. Click Lookup to search for EMIS Position codes.

Position Type

Type of position for the employment.


R - Regular
T - Temporary
S - Supplemental

Assignment Area

Code identifying the employee's assignment area.

Position Status

Employee's position's status.


C - Current Position in District
A - Contracted personnel - Agency
I - Contracted personnel - Individual
P - Leave of absence
U - No longer employed by district in this position


Code Identifying the fund sources for the employee's position.


A - State Auxiliary Funds
B - Other State Funds
F - Special Education K12 Part-B IDEA Federal Grant Funds
G - Title I Funds
I - State Poverty-Based Assistance Funds, formerly DPIA
J - Federal Early Learning Initiative Program Funds
L - Local Funds and/or State Foundation Funds
N - TANF, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
O - Other Federal Funds
P - Special Education PK Part B IDEA Federal Grand Funds
S - State Funds - Early Childhood Education Programs
T - Private/Tuition
U - State Unit Funding
X - Reading First Federal Grand Funds
Z - Preschool State Unit Funding

Type of Appointment

Type of appointment the employee has for the position.


1 - Certified
2 - Classified
3 - Internship
4 - Six hour lay teacher
5 - Veteran

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