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EMIS Assignment Codes

Use the EMIS Assignment Codes page to create and maintain assignment codes to be granted to various factors.

Assignment codes are six-digit identifiers that classify curricula, services, and departments. Using these assignment codes allows you to group and categorize different elements under their appropriate domain.

Maintain data

  1. On the start page, select EMIS.

  2. From the EMIS Reference Tables menu, select EMIS Assignment Codes.

  3. Filter records using the filter criteria. To enter filter criteria:

    1. Select an option in the first field.

    2. Select or enter a value.

    3. Select Add if the button is enabled.
      Refer to Searching for Records for more information.

      • To add a record, select Add Record. Refer to the Field descriptions and enter valid information in the required fields. Select Save, then Yes.

      • To edit a record, select the ellipsis in the Actions column and then select Edit. Update the information and select Save.

      • To delete a record, select the ellipsis in the Actions column, select Delete, and then select Yes.

      • To download the information, click Download, and then select Download PDF or Download as an Excel Document.

Field descriptions

The following table describes the fields on the EMIS Assignment Code Details form.



EMIS Assignment Code

The six-digit code assigned by the state.


The description of the assignment.

The limit is 25 characters.

Assignment Code

The six-digit code to classify the assignment.

The values in the drop-down list are retrieved from the Assignment Codes page.

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