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Pay Codes

Use the Pay Codes page to add, edit, and delete pay codes.

  1. On the start page, select Human Resources.

  2. Select Reference Tables, then from the Payroll menu, select Pay Codes.

  3. Enter the search criteria to find the required pay code records, then select Search.

  4. To add a record, select Add new. Refer to Field Description, enter valid information in the required fields, and select Accept.

  5. To edit a record, select the record, and select Accept. Update the information and select Accept.

  6. To delete, select Delete, then Yes.

Field Descriptions

General Tab

The following table describes the Missouri-specific fields on the General tab of the Pay Codes page.

For information about other fields in the Pay Codes reference table, refer to Pay Code Table.



Referencing Report

Career Ladder

Indicates whether this pay code should be reported separately as career ladder wages in the OASIS report.

OASIS Report

Wage Type

The wage type associated with this pay code.

Valid values:

  • C - PSRS Critical Shortage

  • O - Non-Member PSRS as Non-Certificated

  • R - Non-Member Retiree

  • T - Non-Member Substitute Teaching WAR Waiver

  • W - PEERS Critical Shortage

For retirees, select R or O for OASIS reporting.

OASIS Report

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