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X-Reference Revenue Class To Fund

Use the MI X-Reference Revenue Class to Fund page to add, edit, and delete revenue class to fund cross-references.

  1. On the start page, choose Fund Accounting, then State

  2. Choose X-Reference Revenue Class to Fund.

  3. Filter records using the filter criteria. To specify filter criteria, choose an option from the list, select an operator and a value, then click Add.

  4. To add a record, click Add Record. Refer to Field Descriptions and enter valid information in the required fields. Click Save, then Yes.

  5. To edit a record, click the ellipsis in the Actions column, then select Edit.

  6. To delete a record, click the ellipsis in the Actions column, select Delete, then click Yes.

Field Descriptions

The following table lists the fields, data type, length, and a description of the purpose of the data in the MI X-Reference Revenue Class to Fund.


Data Type



Record Type



Indicates the type of record

Valid values:

  • Header - for a header record

  • Leave blank for a detail record (not required)

Revenue Class Code



Major class code for revenue accounts as defined by the State.

Allowable Funds



Comma-separated list of fund codes that you can use with this major class code.

Asterisks are allowed, for example, "2*, 3*"

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