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Upload Effectiveness

Use the Upload Effectiveness option to upload Educator Effectiveness codes from a tab-delimited file provided by the state to populate the Effectiveness field on the Employee Defined Page 500 – MEIS REP page.

The file must contain the following fields:

Field Name

Maximum Length


Social Security Number


With or without dashes

Educator Effectiveness Code


Valid values:

  • 01 – Highly Effective

  • 02 – Effective

  • 03 – Ineffective

  • 04 – Exceeds Goals

  • 05 – Meets Goals

  • 06 – Progressing Towards Goals

  • 07 – Does not Meet Goals

  • 08 – Minimally Effective

  • 09 – Exemption

Upload The Effectiveness File

  1. Choose Upload Effectiveness.

  2. Click Choose File.

  3. Navigate to the file location and select the file.

  4. Click Open.

  5. Click Load.

For each employee whose social security number is in the Effectiveness file, the system finds the employee's record and updates the Effectiveness field (empuser.tcode2) with the Effectiveness code in the Effectiveness file.

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