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Type 2 Record Layout

The default file name for the Annual Staff report is mdstaff.tpe.

The following table lists the data item, field name, description, length, and position.

Data Item

Field Name




Record Type

-Not Applicable

2 = Type 2

All full-time and part-time staff members on the payroll are actively assigned as of the end date. In addition, all professional staff and Title I funded, nonprofessional staff who resigned or left the school system must have a Type 1 record between the start and end dates.

If an individual’s time is split between locations, school numbers, budget codes, or position types, prorate the person’s salary and report the additional information in subsequent Type 2 records.

If an individual spends 90% or more of their time on the first assignment, 100% of their FTE is reported in the Type 1 record.





The two-digit state designation of the local education agency.



School Number


The four-digit code assigned to the school building. 

A separate record must be reported for each school if a person is assigned to multiple schools.

For staff whose duties are mainly assigned at the central/regional office level (location code 1) and other (location code 7), the data field for the school number must be left blank.



Unique Statewide Identifier

Staff ID

The ten-digit State Assigned Teacher Identification (SATID) assigned in the Unique Teacher Identifier System (UTIS).

Position codes 01 through 28 only.



Local Employee Number

Employee Number

Local assigned employee number.

Right-justified with a leading zero.




Not Applicable




Social Security Number

Social Security

Last four digits of the Social Security Number (SSN).





The one-digit location code for the level at which the employee is working.

Valid values:

  • 1 Central Office - The majority of duties are at the central or regional offices.

  • 2 Elementary - The majority of duties are at the elementary school level (grades prekindergarten through 5).

  • 3 Secondary - The majority of duties are at the secondary school level (grades 9 through 12).

  • 4 Middle - The majority of duties are at the middle school level (grades 6 through 8).

  • 5 Combined - The majority of duties are at the combined school level (combinations of elementary, secondary, or middle).

  • 7 Other - Duties do not fit into the above categories (e.g., floating teachers).





For all budget codes, right zero-fill the data field up to 10 digits.

For example, you should enter 20121 as 2012100000.

A staff member's position and budget codes must logically match.

Not for staff who resigned or left the school system between the start and end dates.





The two-digit code for assignment level of position.

Valid values:

  • 01 Superintendent

  • 02 Deputy Superintendent

  • 03 Asst., Assoc., Area Superintendent

  • 04 Director/Manager/Comptroller

  • 05 Coordinator/Consultant

  • 06 Supervisor

  • 07 Other Administrator

  • 08 Principal

  • 09 Vice/Assistant Principal

  • 10 School Department Chairperson/Other School-level Administrator

  • 11 Teacher/Instructor

  • 12 Staff Developer/Teacher Trainer

  • 13 Other Instructional Professional Personnel

  • 14 Audiologist/Hearing Therapist

  • 15 Occupational Therapist

  • 16 Physical Therapist

  • 17 Speech Pathologist/Therapist

  • 18 Other Therapist/Diagnostician

  • 19 Librarian/Media Consultant

  • 20 School Counselor

  • 21 Psychologist

  • 22 Student Personnel Worker

  • 23 School Social Worker

  • 24 Nurse/Hygienist/Health Professional

  • 25 Other Professional Personnel

  • 26 Teacher Aide/Teaching Assistant

  • 27 Library/Media Center Aide

  • 28 Other Aide

  • 29 Secretary/Clerk

  • 30 Technical Personnel

  • 31 Transportation Personnel

  • 32 Crafts and Trades Personnel

  • 33 Manual Laborer

  • 34 Service Worker

A staff member's position and budget codes should logically match each other. For example, a librarian is not given a budget code of 20310 for school counselors.

If a person's position type does not fit into any of the categories, choose a similar position for the person.





Report the portion of the annual salary for each part of the position to the nearest dollar.

For staff who have multiple records (one Type 1 and one or more Type 2 records), the parts of the salary must add up to the total salary.

This field should be right-justified and zero-filled.

Not for staff who resigned or left the school system on or after the start date.



Targeted Assistance School (TAS) FTE

Not Applicable

Four-digit full-time equivalent status (expressed to three decimal points) for staff funded by a Title I, Part A Targeted Assistance School (TAS) Program. For staff who work with TAS and school-wide (SW) programs, report only the FTE attributable to their TAS responsibilities.

Leave this field blank for staff who are not Title I.

Required for all Title I TAS professional and nonprofessional staff who are active or have left the school system between the start and end dates.



Title I Paraprofessional

Not Applicable

Indicates whether the staff person is Title I [serving in a school-wide (SW) Title I school or funded by Title I Targeted Assistance (TAS)] and is a paraprofessional as defined by Title I, Part A. Staff in position codes 26-28 or other positions that are considered paraprofessionals may not be Title I paraprofessionals, even though they serve in a Title I SW school or are funded by Title I TAS. Title I paraprofessionals must meet the definition of either instructional or non-instructional paraprofessionals below.

Valid values:

  • I = Instructional Paraprofessional: An employee of an LEA who provides instructional support in a program supported with Title I, Part A funds (i.e., staff funded by TAS or serving in an SW program). This support, under the direct supervision of a highly qualified teacher, includes the following:

    • Providing one-on-one tutoring for eligible students if the tutoring is scheduled when a student would not otherwise receive instruction from a teacher.

    • Providing instructional services to students.

  • O = Other Paraprofessional: An employee of an LEA who provides non-instructional support in a program supported with Title I, Part A funds (i.e., staff funded by TAS or serving in an SW program). This support includes:

    • Acting as a non-instructional translator

    • Conducting parental involvement activities with adults

    • Providing non-instructional assistance in a computer lab

    • Providing non-instructional support in a library or media center

    • Providing non-instructional personal care services for special education students.

  • NNot a Title I paraprofessional.

Required for all professional and nonprofessional staff who are active or have left the school system between the beginning and end dates.



Title I Qualified Paraprofessional

Not Applicable

Required for all Title I instructional paraprofessionals. Paraprofessionals are qualified if they meet all of the following requirements:

  • Completed two years of study at an institution of higher education

  • Obtained an associate’s (or higher) degree

  • Passed a formal state or local academic assessment demonstrating the ability to assist in instructing reading, writing, mathematics, or readiness for these subjects.

Valid values:

  • Y Yes, Title I paraprofessional is qualified

  • NNo, Title I paraprofessional is not qualified

Instructional Paraprofessionals only, Title I Paraprofessional = I.



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