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Data Crosswalk

Use this option to set up crosswalks for district-level data items that do not precisely match the state-level data items used by the ISBE.

For each district-level data item, there are three possible crosswalk setup scenarios:

  1. One district-level data item exactly matches one state-level data item. No crosswalk entry is needed.

  2. One district-level data item maps to one state-level data item. Add a record for that data item. For example, if the fund designated '1110' by the state is called 'R1110' by the district, you crosswalk fund R1110 to state fund 1110.

  3. Multiple district-level data items map to a single state-level data item. Add a record for each district-level data item that rolls up into the state-level data item. For example, if the district has funds 2000 and 2001, and then both roll up to the state-level fund 2000, you must add two records – one record mapping district fund 2000 to state fund 2000 and another record mapping district fund 2001 to state fund 2000.

To set up crosswalks, do the following:

  1. On the IL Annual Statement of Affairs Report page, select Setup, and then Data Crosswalk.

  2. Set up the crosswalk types:

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