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Terminate an Employee

Use the Terminate Employee page to close out the pay rates of an employee whose employment has ended.

  1. On the start page, choose Human Resources.

  2. Select Entry & Processing, then under Employee, select Employee Information.

  3. Specify the search criteria, then select Search. Alternatively, you can choose Exclude Pending Employees and then select Search.

  4. Select the relevant employee record.

  5. Select Actions, then select Terminate.

  6. Refer to Field Descriptions and enter valid information.

  7. Click Accept.

The Last Date to Pay field is used to set the employee’s termination date. The employee’s payrate end date is changed if the termination date is earlier. If the payrate end date changes, the days worked will also be recalculated.

Review the Terminate Employee page for additional termination details.

Field Descriptions



Termination Code

User-defined code identifying the reason for the employee's termination. These codes are stored in the Termination Code table.

When reinstating an employee, delete the displayed code by selecting the blank from the field's drop-down list. This also deletes the termination date.


Code identifying the employee's status, as defined in the Status Code table.

  • When you terminate an employee, select a code that references the termination, for example, RETIRED, RESIGNED, or TERMINATED.

  • When you reinstate an employee, select a code, such as ACTIVE or FULLTIME.

Do not confuse this with the Status field in employees' rate records. The Terminate Employee page changes the Status fields for employee rates to T - Terminated. When reinstating an employee, you must assign A - Active to each rate you want to reactivate.

Last Date to Pay

Date of the employee's termination. This date replaces the calendar End Date in the employee's pay rates.

  • The date changes if the termination is before the calendar's end date. If the termination date is after the calendar's end date, the last date to pay is not changed.

  • To avoid a conflict, ensure the date you enter is later than the date in the rate's Start Date field.

When you terminate an employee, you may use a future date if you want to continue to pay the employee for a certain amount of time. However, you must enter a manual timecard to pay the employee after the termination date. As a safeguard, the Payroll Edit report generates the message TIMECARD ENTERED FOR TERMINATED EMPLOYEE to alert you to the employee's status.

Last Day Worked

Last date the employee worked. This date, which is for information purposes only, may differ from the Last Date to Pay.

For example, a teacher works until June 6 but is paid through August 22. In this case, the Last Day Worked is June 6, but the Last Date to Pay is August 22.

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