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Shared Service Arrangements (011)

Use the PEIMS Shared Service Arrangements (011) page to create and update information on the types of services or programs provided by a shared services arrangement and the district which administers the shared services.  This information is reported in both the fall and winter submissions.

Menu Path

Choose PEIMS from the main navigation menu, then choose All. Click Shared Service Arrangements (011).

Maintain Data

  1. On the PEIMS Shared Service Arrangements (011) page, add the applicable Shared Service Arrangement Types and the associated Fiscal Agent District ID:

    1. Click Insert Row.

    2. Select a Shared Services Arrangement Type and enter the associated Fiscal Agent District ID.

    3. Click Accept.

  2. To update, select a Shared Services Arrangement Type and update the associated Fiscal Agent District ID.

  3. To delete a record, select the record and click Delete Row.

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