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Set Up Termination (ED90) Codes

The Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) accepts two termination codes on Termination (ED90) records:

  • End of Employment

  • Death

Texas TEAM (TRS Enterprise Applications Modernization) reporting uses the End of Employment termination code. You must configure death-related termination codes for TEAM reporting.

Use the Termination Code Table page to create records identifying the reasons for terminating employee pay rates.

  • Add the codes from the Termination Code table to the Terminate Employee page.

  • The table provides an additional field to link the termination codes used in the Human Resources System with those defined by your state as part of Highly Qualified Teacher requirements.

  1. On the start page, choose Human Resources, then Reference Tables.

  2. Under Personnel, choose Termination Codes.

  3. Specify Search Criteria and select Search.

  4. To edit death-related termination codes, select the relevant record and open it to edit mode.

  5. In the State Termination Code field, enter D.

  6. Select Accept.

TEAM reporting associates employees terminated using these death-related codes with the TRS death code.

Review the Termination Code Table page for details about other fields.

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