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Process Early Terminations

  1. On the start page, choose Human Resources.

  2. Select Entry & Processing, then under Employee, select Employee Information.

  3. Specify the search criteria, then select Search. Alternatively, you can choose Exclude Pending Employees and then select Search.

  4. Select the relevant employee record.

  5. Select Personnel Information, then select Defined Windows.

  6. Select State Required III, then choose Accept.

  7. In the Recalc Stat Min field, enter Y.

    The Recalc Stat Min field indicates whether an employee's statutory minimum contribution must be recalculated for the entire pay rate due to being terminated before their expected contract end date.

    For information about the other fields on the State Required III page, refer to Defined Page 32002 - State Required III.

  8. Click Accept.

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