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November 2023 Release - 20.11.64, 22.4.26

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version unless otherwise noted in the release note:



The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note


Job Class table includes Accrue field added to the TX area of advance search and on to the job class report

The Job Class Table report now includes the Accrue field and Advanced Search in the Job Class table includes TX area to search on TX-specific Accrue field.

This change applies to version


Enabled the Full Account option in PEIMS - All - Other - Account Translation

The ability to view and enter the full account number and view the full account description when the full account option is turned on is now added to PEIMS - All - Other - Account Translations search criteria, search results array, PEIMS Account Information details, Mass Change option and all reports where the District Key Orgn and District Account with titles display with full account turned off.

In addition, the Load Translations option is modified to require the specification of the levels to load from for each of the state-defined levels (Function Organization, Program, and Year) by the type of Ledger (Revenue, Expenditure, or General Ledger).

This change applies to version


TEAM Load Prior Year Calendar Override Correction

The TEAM Load has been modified to correct the behavior of the Override Prior Year Calendar option. Previously, this would create a new ED40 position record for any pay rate that had a calendar that was overridden by a new year calendar. Now, the load will only create ED40s for pay rates that are not marked with the status of Terminated and have a calendar that has been overridden.


TEAM Load - Prevent zero gross RP20/ED40 due to redistribution

The TEAM Load has been changed to identify when employee pay has been redistributed from an incorrect position code. The RP20 and ED40 will not be generated if no pay is remaining for that position code after the distribution. This assumes there is no pay rate associated with that TRS position code as well, if that is present then still generate the RP20 and ED40 appropriately.


PEIMS TEA Staff Responsibilities has a new import feature

There is a new Import action on the TEA Staff Responsibilities page. Users can import spreadsheets containing staff responsibility records and map the fields from the import file to specific database columns.

After mapping the fields, the user can update, add, or replace. The update or add option will update existing Staff Responsibilities records if present, or else add new records if not present.

The replace option will replace all existing rows, deleting records that are not in the import file. This option must only be used when importing a full staff import file.

Import functionality is available to users based on security resources. The following new securities are added:



The existing 800 resource has been renamed to SUPER USER FOR PEIMS. Its usage remains the same.
The existing 803 resource will no longer act as a super user. Using this resource will not allow Import functionality unless the specific import resources are also added.

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