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Employer New Hire Report

Use the New Hire Report to report newly hired and rehired employees to the Employer New Hire Reporting Operations Center in the Texas Office of the Attorney General. It must be reported within 20 days of the employee's first working day. 

Employees are not considered new hires if they were previously employed or previously employed but separated from prior employment for at least 60 consecutive days. 

Employees are considered rehired if they were previously employed but separated from prior employment for more than 60 consecutive days.

After running the report for the first time, the system reports only new employees and employees returning to work after a 60-day separation. 

New hire reporting helps state agencies detect and prevent fraud and recover overpayments.

Menu Path

From the Human Resources menu, select State. From the State menu, select Employer New Hire Report.

Submission Period

The report is processed twice monthly, between 12 and 16 days apart.  

Selection Rule

On the Payroll Information - State Required page, the value in the New Hire Reprt field is N, or the field is blank.


Ensure that you enter valid information in the New Hire Reprt field on the Payroll Information - State Required page.

Create File

After the prerequisites are met, you can create the New Hire report.

  1. On the TX Employer New Hire Report page, create a hard copy of the report to verify data before you create the electronic file:

    1. Under Report Type, select Hard Copy.

    2. Select the Hire Date.

    3. Select Accept.  

    4. If you have the required access privileges to view the entire Social Security Number (without masking) and you want to include the entire Social Security Number, select Yes. Otherwise, select No.

    5. Select the Destination for the report:

      • Select File to save the report in .rpt format. 

      • Select Screen to save the report in .pdf format.

      • Select Excel to save the report in .xls format. Select the required Excel Options.

    6. Click OK.

  2. Save the files and navigate to the folder containing the report file. 

  3. Inspect the files. Update data, if needed.

  4. Repeat these steps until all required data is included.

  5. Create the electronic file:

    1. Under Report Type, select Electronic File.

    2. Select the Hire Date.

    3. Select Accept.  

    4. Click OK.  

After the electronic file is created, the New Hire Reprt field on the Payroll Information - State Required page is updated to Y. This ensures that the same employees do not get reported again.

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