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NH DOE 25 Report

To access the NH Retirement Report, select the following from the Main Menu:

Fund Accounting -> State-> State-> NH DOE 25 Report


Before running the DOE 25 Financial Report for the first time, the user will need to provide details about the accounting structure.  

From the DOE 25 Financial Report page, in the action bar, select the Setup action item.

This will open the Setup page.

Select the New item from the action bar, and enter details for the fiscal year for which you are running the report.

Select the organization level from your budget structure to identify the function level and program level within your structure.

Crosswalk Data

If the district's definitions for Fund, Account, Location or Function don't exactly match those used by the NH DOE in the DOE 25 Report, crosswalk data will need to be entered.

From the Actions in the action bar, select the Crosswalk table you need to enter. Using Account Crosswalk as our example: for each NH DOE account that does not match a district account (object), use the New item in the action bar to enter a row.


The fiscal year for which the crosswalk data applies


The Account/Object as defined by the district in Fund Accounting.

State Account

The Account as defined by NH DOE and used in the DOE 25. You may map multiple district accounts to the same state account.

Define Crosswalk data similarly for Fund, Function and Location, as needed.

Crosswalk Scenarios

For each district account, there are 3 possible scenarios for crosswalk setup:

  1. One district account exactly matches one state account. No crosswalk entry is needed.

  2. One district account maps to one state account. Enter one row for that account. For example, if the account designated '1110' by the state is called 'R1110' by the district, crosswalk account R1110 to state account 1110, as shown in the example above.

  3. Multiple district accounts map to a single state account. Enter a row for each district account that rolls up into the state account. For example, if the district has accounts 2000 and 2001, and then both roll up to the state account 2000, you would enter two rows – one row mapping account 2000 to state account 2000, and another row mapping account 2001 to state account 2000. NOTE: In this case it is necessary to map the district account to the same value in the state account (e.g. district account 2000 to state account 2000). Once a crosswalk is provided to a state account the software will only look for accounts explicitly mapped to that state account.


The Copy action item allows Setup and Crosswalk data to be copied from one year to another year. This action will need to be performed when transitioning to a new year of financial report processing.

Year To Copy

A year which already has Setup and Crosswalk data defined.

Year To Create

The new year for which data will be created.


The Purge action item allows Setup and Crosswalk data for a selected year to be deleted. This could be useful for deleting unwanted data from past years, or for removing erroneously entered data.

Year To Purge

The year for which all Setup and Crosswalk data will be deleted. Deleted data may not be recovered.

DOE 25 Definition Tables

There are two tables defined behind-the-scenes that the program uses to map data to the correct Tab and Cell positions in the DOE 25 spreadsheet. While the user will not need to maintain these tables, it is useful to be aware of the following:

  1. Tab and Cell data are copied from year to year as part of the Copy action, if there is not already data defined for the new year. If the Tab and Cell positions defined in the spreadsheet for the new year have not changed then this data will be correct.

  2. Whenever the spreadsheet provided by NHDOE does have changes to the tabs or cells which are populated by this program, PowerSchool will provide updated table values for the fiscal year.

Populating the Spreadsheet

The program will automatically populate as much information in the DOE spreadsheet as it can by reading data from the database and inserting the values into the appropriate rows, columns, and cells in the spreadsheet. Obtain the spreadsheet from the DOE website, and browse for it when running the Load.

The user will need to enter some information prior to having the spreadsheet populated. After all the information is entered, the user must click the OK action item or press the Enter key to begin the process.

The actual process of populating the spreadsheet will entail:

  • Collecting data using the year entered on the screen

  • Populating the appropriate cells with data

  • Unprotecting the tabs that may be unprotected

  • Saving the populated spreadsheet in the same location and with the same name that is specified in the File Name field on the screen and displaying it to the user.

The user will be able to review the spreadsheet and make changes/additions prior to submitting.

WARNING: Running the program multiple times will cause any changes to data that was previously populated by the program to be lost and replaced by values calculated by the program. Any empty fields that were modified after running the program will have the data retained.



File Name

Enter the location and name of the spreadsheet to be updated. The icon next to the field can be used to browse for the spreadsheet. New updated file will be placed in the users report directory, with the same file name as the original file.

Fiscal Year

Select the year that is to be used for collecting data used on the spreadsheet.

NOTE: If you select an incorrect Excel file (for example, selecting a different spreadsheet when you are processing a DOE 25), the program will begin processing, then you may receive an error "Excel file not updated". If you ensure you have selected the correct Excel file, and still encounter this error, there is likely a configuration problem on your server that will require correction.

Upload and Submission of Spreadsheet

Per NH DOE requirements, the following guidelines regarding the spreadsheet must be followed when submitting the spreadsheet:

  • Do not change formatting.

  • Do not change the tab names.

  • Do not delete any pages in the spreadsheet.

  • Do not disable copy/paste features.

  • Do not disable decimals.

  • Break the links in the spreadsheet prior to sending to NH DOE.

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