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Prior Year Adjustments

Use the Prior Year Adjustment page to make adjustment records for reports submitted in prior years and generate adjustment reports to submit to OASIS.

Menu Path: Human Resources > State > State > MO OASIS Report > click Prior Year Adjustment

Action Bar Items

The following item displays on the Action Bar:


Displays the Prior Year Adjustment Report page. Use this page to generate the Prior Year Adjustment report in Hard Copy and Interface File. You must submit the Interface file to OASIS.

Adding prior adjustment records

  1. Select Human Resources > State > State > MO OASIS Report, and then click Prior Year Adjustment to display the Prior Year Adjustment page.

  2. Click Add New.

  3. In the Adjustment Detail section, complete the fields. For details, refer to the Fields section below.

  4. When finished, click OK.

Create File

  1. On the MO OASIS Report - Prior Year Adjustment page, select Report.

  2. Select the School Year, Report Month, and Report Period.

  3. Create a hard copy of the report to verify data before you create the electronic file:

    1. Select Hard Copy.

    2. Select PDF or Excel.

    3. Select Create, then Yes.

  4. Save the files and select OK.

  5. Navigate to the folder containing the files.

  6. Inspect the files. Update data if needed.

  7. Repeat these steps until all the required data is included.

  8. Create the interface file:

    1. Select Interface File.

    2. Select Create, and then Yes.

    3. Save the file and select OK.
      The default file name is Adjustment_<Report Month>_<ending School Year>.csv

Follow the state's submission procedures.


Prior Year Adjustment Page



School Year

School year to adjust.

Report Month

Report month to adjust.

Report Period

Reporting period within the reporting month.


  • Period 1

  • Period 2

  • Period 3

Employee Number

Number identifying the employee to adjust.

Pay Start Date

Beginning date of the pay cycle to adjust.

Pay End Date

Ending date of the pay cycle to adjust.

Social Security Number

Employee's social security number.

Last Name

Employee's last name.

First Name

Employee's first name.

Middle Name

Employee's middle name.


Suffix, if any, on the employee's name.

Wage Type

Employee's wage type.


  • P - PSRS Regular

  • S - PSRS Social Security

  • C - PSRS Critical Shortage

  • N - PEERS Regular

  • W - PEERS Critical Shortage

  • R - Non-Member Retiree

  • O - Non-Member PSRS as Non-Certificated

  • T - Non-Member Substitute Teaching WAR Waiver

  • X - Non-Member

You can only use Wage type T for Position code 030.

Career Ladder

Select if the employee participates in a career ladder.

Gross Salary

Employee's gross salary.

Retirement Salary

Retirement salary for the employee.

Employer Contribution

Amount the employer contributes to the employee's retirement.

Employee Contribution

Amount the employee contributes to their retirement.

Insurance Amount

Amount paid by the employer for the employee's insurance.

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