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Board Paid Insurance Update

Use the Board Paid Insurance Update page to update the additional gross fields on "M" method deduction records with the employee board paid insurance amount. Only employees that have a method of "M" type deduction and a board paid deduction matching the selected frequencies will be updated.

The board paid insurance amount is calculated by summing the amounts for any deductions the employee has in the Board Paid Deductions table being used in Human Resources.

Deduction Frequencies:




Semi-monthly, within 16 days of the close of each payroll period



Board Paid Insurance Deductions must be set up in order to update board paid insurance and calculate Retirement contributions correctly.

Menu Path:  Human Resources > State > State > MO Board Paid Insurance Update

Action Bar Items

The following items display on the Action Bar:

Board Paid Deductions

Displays the Board Paid Deductions page. Use this page to assign deduction codes to Human Resources, Personnel Budgeting, or both applications, and then the Maximum Benefit for these deductions.

Board Paid Deductions must be set up for OASIS reporting. For details, refer to OASIS Report.

Users can add, update, and generate reports on these deductions.

Adding board paid deductions

  1. Select Human Resources > State > State > MO Board Paid Insurance Update, and then click Board Paid Deductions to display the Board Paid Deductions page.

  2. Click Add New.

  3. In the Board Paid Deduction Information section, complete the fields. For details, refer to the Fields section below.

  4. When finished, click OK.


Board Paid Deductions Page



Deduction Code

Code identifying the deduction to be included. These codes are set up in the Deductions Table.


Application that the deduction applies to.


H - Human Resources
P - Personnel Budgeting
B - Both

Maximum Benefit

Maximum amount allowed for this deduction.

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