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W2C Processing - Create W2C Electronic File

Use this option to create an electronic submission file for W2C records.

Refer to W2C Processing for more information.

Menu Path

From the Human Resources menu, select Periodic Routines. From the Year End menu, select W2C Processing.

Create the Electronic File

  1. On the W2C Processing - W2C Employee File Update page, select Create Electronic File.

  2. The Tax Year field defaults to the Tax Year on the W2 Wizard: W2 Parameters page. Select a different year if required.

  3. Refer to Field Descriptions, enter or select information in the required fields, and then select Accept.

  4. In the Print dialog box, the name of the electronic file depends on the Media Type selected on the W2 Wizard: W2 Print Controls page.
    The Media Type is always D - Disk/Electronic File.

  5. Select OK. The Social Security submission file for processing is created with the name w2creport.txt.

  6. Select the Destination for the w2edit file:

    • Select File to save the w2edit file in .rpt format.

    • Select Screen to save the w2edit file in .pdf format.

  7. Select OK. The W2C electronic file detail report is created.
    The detail report includes Social Security numbers and addresses, employees' gross wages, taxable wages, federal withholdings for income, Medicare, and Social Security taxes

  8. Save the file.

  9. Navigate to the folder containing the report files.

  10. Inspect the files. Update data if needed.

  11. Repeat these steps until all the required data is included.

Transfer the file, without opening it, to the Social Security Administration for processing.

Field Descriptions

Electronic File Criteria



Tax Year

The year for which the W2 is filed.

Include RS Records

Indicates whether to include supplemental state and local reporting records in the W2C file.

When this option is selected, the Additional Options section displays on the W2 Processing - Create W2 Electronic File page.

Resub Indicator

Indicates if the file is being resubmitted.

WFID Number For Resubmit

If the file is being resubmitted, enter the Wage File Identifier (WFID) from the Social Security Administration (SSA) notice.

Federal Tax ID Number

The Employer Information Number (EIN) and the Control Number associated with the file being submitted.

Employer Type

The employer type associated with the file being submitted. This field corresponds to the Kind of Employer field required in the file.


  • F - Federal Government

  • S - State and Local Governmental Employer

  • T - Tax Exempt Employer

  • Y - State and Local Tax Exempt Employer (Default)

  • N - None Apply

Additional Options

This section displays when Include RS Records is selected.



Employee State Wages/Taxes Included

Indicates which state's employees should be included in the file.

Create State Format

Indicates an additional state's file format to include in the file other than the State on the W2 Wizard: W2 Parameters page.

If you create electronic files for your home state only, leave this field blank.

Select a state if both of these apply:

  • You must submit files to a state authority other than your home state.

  • Your home state or the additional state has a custom format.

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