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June 2024 Release - 20.11.71, 22.4.33, 23.10.8

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:




The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note


TX TEAM - Handling for multiple positions with state minimum salary

An overhaul of the setup and calculation for the State Minimum salary and the related non-OASDI and statutory minimum contributions is now available to handle employees with multiple state minimum salaries for different positions. The setup page, accessed from Human Resources > Employee Information > TEAM Defaults, is now enhanced to allow the state minimum salary to be entered for each position. Significantly few employees would likely be directly affected by these changes. With that in mind, the software will continue to use the original setup fields as usual for any employee who does not require this additional handling.

As part of this adjustment, all the stat min calculations will now occur at a position level, while they previously were done for the employee overall. This includes docking being crosswalked to specific positions and the charging records now splitting based on each RP20 rather than each employee.

Employees with their state minimum salary setup using the State Required page will be flagged on the error log for review if they have statutory minimum pay being reported for multiple positions. This is likely a setup issue in most cases, and their pay should all be reported as part of their primary position. If, however, those employees meet the definition of two “wholly separate” positions, and both are subject to the state minimum salary, you would need to use the new setup to define the state minimum salary for each position.


TEXAS DEX/Ed-Fi staff load - additional criteria

Additional criteria have been added to the PEIMS > Data Exchange > Staff Information > Load page to limit the data loaded optionally. Coordinators can now specify Employee Types and Employee Statuses to restrict the loaded data, ensuring that only relevant records are included. This enhancement streamlines the data loading process, allowing more targeted data submissions.

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