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January 2023 Major Release - 19.4.69, 20.11.50, 22.4.12

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version unless otherwise noted in the release note:


The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note

EFIN-93161Texas TEAM - Actual Hours Upload not marking the Submitted to TRS field correctly

ED20 records created by the TX TEAM Actual Hours Upload will now correctly default the submitted value to 'N' instead of null.

EFIN-93162TEAM- RP record from termed payrate created 0 days 0 pay with wrong reason code

Corrected the processing of RP records to assign the correct zero days code when the total gross is zero and no days were worked.

EFIN-93577TEAM - RP20 records are not getting created for Summer School (09)

The TX TEAM Load process is now modified to create an RP20 record for position 09 (Summer School).

EFIN-93643TEAM - Statutory Minimum not calculated for terminated employee with dock

We previously identified the employee’s last month using the pay dates from the pay rate. Since the recalculation is used for early terminated employees, this is incorrect, and we will instead use the current report month being loaded as the last month for the employee. For the last month, we compare the ratio of checks received to their payroll frequency and reduce the stat min proportionally.

EFIN-94257TX TEAM Charging report processing time ran slow

Restructured the process for retrieving the job class for charged TEAM amounts to be more efficient (now using a table index). This will reduce the runtime required for larger districts.

EFIN-95103Corrected fatal error when updating calendar for Texas

Fixed a fatal error when entering duplicate holidays or non-work weekdays into a calendar in Human Resources > Reference Tables > Payroll > Calendars for Texas.

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