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Deleting Organization Numbers and Working with Federal Funds

This section illustrates how you can set up a fund/budget number to which these organization numbers can be crosswalked and how you can work with the federal funds in the crosswalk.

You might not need to worry about federal funds if you change your fiscal year to start in July.

In this example, we will use:

  • Year 08 as the current year

  • Year 09 as the new year

  • Fund 2118 as the current year fund (8 representing the year)

  • Fund 2119 as the new year fund (9 representing the year)


  1. Add the new year fund 2119 (level 1) and all associated budget numbers (highest level - example: 21191100199000) into the current year 08 organization chart in Fund Accounting.

    Do not tie the general, expenditure, or revenue accounts to the organization numbers. That way, no one can accidentally use them until you are ready.

  2. Load the crosswalk table.

  3. Set up a bogus fund (level 1 only) to roll all funds you want to delete (for example, 4819).
    If you do not want to set up a bogus fund, you can roll all funds you want to delete to a valid new year fund (for example, 2119). However, if your balance sheet for fund 2119 is incorrect, you must search all funds you rolled into that fund to identify the issue. If you set up a bogus fund, any dollar amount in this fund is from the funds you attempted to delete.
    Suppose you do not want to set up a bogus fund, roll your federal funds as stated in step 5. Roll them all to the new year fund (2119) as long as they have zero balances. The only fund with dollar amounts that should roll to the new year fund (2119) is the current year fund (2118).

  4. If you have set up a bogus fund, roll the funds you are deleting to the bogus fund. (for example, roll 2111 to 4819).

  5. Roll the other funds:

    • 2118 rolls to 2119 (This rolls the budgeted amounts from 2118 Fund Accounting into 2119 Budget Preparation.)

    • 2119 rolls to itself 2119 (At this time, there are no amounts in 2118, so nothing rolls.)

  6. Extract budget data.

  7. Tie the general, expenditure, and revenue accounts to the new federal funds you created in step 1 when you are ready to use them in the current year.

  8. Once Payroll has run the Update Payroll Distributions option, which allows the payrate screen to be updated with the new payroll distribution budget numbers for the new year, then go into the crosswalk and change fund 2118 (level 1) to roll to itself (2118). If your district does not use the Payroll Distribution option, make the above change for your federal funds after the final extraction into Budget Preparation.
    Changing the fund (2118) to roll to itself sets up the federal fund and the associated general ledger accounts you need to complete the federal project if it crosses into the new fiscal year.
    If the federal fund is not needed in the new year, do not make this change. The current fund (2118, which must have zero balances in all accounts, rolls to the new year fund (2119), and the current fund (2118) is deleted.

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