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August 2023 Release - 20.11.61, 22.4.23

Resolved Issues

These changes have been released in the following software version unless otherwise noted in the release note:



The following issues have been resolved:



Release Note


Display issue related to the saved search feature for the Texas 2-digit crosswalk year field in Payroll Distributions

For Texas customers, the Enter 2 digit crosswalk year to be used in update field (Menu Path: From the Human Resources menu, select Periodic Routines. From the Year End menu, select Payroll Distribution) was defaulting to the correct crosswalk year. However, when the user tab into the Calendars field, the crosswalk year was set to what was entered in that field the last time the option was run. This issue was related to the saved search feature, which has been resolved.

This change is applicable to version


Correct Validation and Deletion for TEAM Third Party Retiree Records

An issue with deleting the TEAM third-party retiree records with a NULL employment type is corrected. The employment type field is not required, so it allows NULLS. But it is part of the key to the record. The validation for preventing duplicate records now also prevents adding records with NULL employment types.

This change is applicable to versions and


TEAM Charging Variance Report is now available in Excel

A new Excel version of the TEAM Charging Variance Report can now be created without formatting issues.

This change is applicable to versions and


Corrected error checking when adding a deduction and using the Benefit Account Number

Corrected the error checking for the Benefit Account Number to display a message and force the data to be corrected when the value is not found on the organization chart.

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Full Account for TEAM Actual Hours Upload

The TEAM Actual Hours Upload will allow for a new file format when the full account is enabled. A check box on the upload screen allows selecting the file format that should be used. The new full account file format replaces the organization and account fields with a single full account field.

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Update a new EdFi table when updating the Shared Service Arrangements (011) for PEIMS

The Shared Service Arrangements (011) option has been modified to continuously synchronize the data with a new table required for publishing the ssaOrgAssociations with EdFi.

This change is applicable to version


Corrected the Fixed Asset Year End Process to verify the organization crosswalk regardless of the year set in the Fixed Asset Profile

Corrected the Fixed Asset year-end procedure to verify the organization crosswalk and update the Multi-Asset regardless of the year specified in the Fixed Asset Profile.

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