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TIAA Retirement Report Setup

Before generating the TIAA Retirement Report, ensure that valid information is entered in the Div / Loc Code field on the Rhode Island State Retirement page.

When you create the electronic file for the TIAA Retirement Report, the information is populated for the participants enrolled in the TIAA program.

Rhode Island State Retirement Page - Employee Information

  1. On the application start page, select Menu > Human Resources > Entry & Processing > Employee Information (under Employee).

  2. Specify the search criteria and click Find.
    Leave all Search Criteria fields blank, and select Include Terminated Employees and Exclude Pending Employees. Click Find.
    A list of regular employees matching the search criteria appears.

  3. Double-click the relevant employee record.

  4. On the navigation bar, click Personnel Information, and select Defined Windows.

  5. Double-click 32001 - Rhode Island State Retirement.

  6. Enter a valid division or location code in the Div / Loc Code field, and on the navigation bar, click OK.

    Specify the Div / Loc Code only if you want to override the value in the Division / Location Code field on the RI TIAA Retirement Report - Load page.

The next step is to create the TIAA Retirement Report.

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