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Setup Procedures

  • Review the local tax reference table and make entries or corrections as needed. (refer to PA PSD Code Maintenance)

  • Upload or manually enter PSD codes. (refer to either PA Load PSD Table or PA PSD Code Maintenance)

  • Review PSD code entries, if uploaded, for correctness.

  • Upload or manually enter PSD code for employees. (refer to PA Load Employee PSD and Local Tax Codes)

  • Review employees' and pending employees' tax information.

  • Review and update employees with multiple prior tax records.

  • Sites using the Centax file format must enter data for user-defined page 31997, Act 32 Data

  • Sites using file formats Centre, Jordan, Keystone, Cumberland County, or York Adams must also do the following setup:

    1. On the Human Resources profile – State page, populate the Employee Location Type field.

    2. Enter data in the Location PSD Code Maintenance program.

    3. Verify employees have the PSD Code field on the Employee Tax Information page populated for the location type selected in the Employee Location Type field on the Human Resources profile – State page..

    4. If using employee base location as the employee location type, enter address data for the locations in System Administration - Security - Location Codes.

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